3-day Reboot Cleanse


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    3-day reboot for cleansers maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle.
    Cold-pressed sets of juice to increase your metabolism, boost you energy and endurance, help eliminate bloating, and make skin glow!
    Vegetable based.

    1. Shake well before drinking. It is normal for ingredients to settle.
    2. Consume juices in 2-hour intervals in your preferred order.
    3. Store the juices in the coldest part of your refrigerator (away from the door) immediately upon receipt. Do not freeze. The temperature of your ref must be 3 degrees Celcius and below.
    4. Due to the seasonality of certain ingredients, taste and appearance may vary for some juices.
    5. All items are extremely sensitive to heat and sunlight.
    6. Once the bottle has been opened, it must be consumed immediately and can no longer be stored again.
    7. All 8 juices for your 1-day detox kit must be consumed in one day. Storing of unconsumed juices is not recommended, even if unopened or not yet expired.
    8. To ensure freshness of juices, daily delivery of detox kits is recommended for those doing a 2-day program and above. Please disregard the Best Before date stamped on the bottle. This is only valid if the bottles are stored in our subzero refrigerator units in our commissary or retailers.
    9. If the bottles are bloated or deformed in shape, we do not recommend consuming the juice anymore. It should be disposed of immediately. This indicates that the active enzymes of the juice have already fermented, which implies that it was exposed to heat or at a temperature higher than 3 degrees celsius.

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