Shampoo Bar – Air’s Intensity with Gugo Extract and Cedar


Size: 80g

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    About the Product

    Hair Grower Shampoo

    Have some of air’s intensity with this shampoo bar! Combining the hair strengthening properties of Gugo Extract and the amazing hair loss reduction properties of Cedarwood, your hair will definitely get the shine it deserves!

    •      100% plastic free
    •      100% paraben free
    •      Cruelty free
    •      Locally handmade with love


    How to use Eco Shift shampoo and conditioner bar

    1. Wet your hair thoroughly before applying the shampoo/conditioner bar. 2. Rub between your palms to create a nice lather and apply to wet hair. You can also directly rub against the hair strands to create a nice lather. 3. Using your fingers like a comb, smooth the lather along your hair to detangle your hair locks. 4. Gently massage it into the scalp and hair as you would with a bottled shampoo. Be kind to your scalp and do not use your fingernails. Flatten your fingertips on your head as if holding a ball, then massage gently. 5. After lathering, rinse thoroughly to remove dirt and grime.

    Sodium Coco SulfateCetyl alcohol, Cetearyl AlcoholStearic AcidBehentrimonium MethosulfateMagnesium ChloridePolyquaternium 7Cetrimonium ChlorideGugo extractVegetable GlycerineCedarwood essential OilPhenoxyethanol, Fragrance Oil, EDTA.

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