Mint Frost Hot Bristle Brush


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    About the Product

    PLAY by TUFT Mint Frost Hot Bristle Brush features a Ceramic Coated Barrel that releases negative ions when heated. This protects your hair from damage and preserves the moisture balance of your hair. This makes it the perfect option for fine and breakage-prone hair. It even distributes heat quickly and evenly to reduce styling time! The hot bristle brush also produces negative ions that smooth every strand, reducing frizz and static while adding a luxurious shine to your tresses. On top of that, it has dual rows of soft-tipped teeth that won’t cause any tangles. Its special Bristles Arrangement provide the ultimate grip to wrap hair around the barrel with cool tips that protect your scalp and fingers, so you won’t have to worry about any burns.


    • Ceramic Coated Barrel: Releases negative ions when heated to protect hair from damage and retain moisture balance of the hair. Distribute heat quickly and evenly, reducing styling time.
    • Ionic Technology: Reduces the amount of negative charged particles during styling. Produces negative ions to help smooth hair, reduce frizz and static, and add luxurious shine.
    • Bristles Arrangement: Ultimate grip to wrap hair around the barrel. Dual rows of softly tipped teeth to create a no-tangle experience for easy styling.
    • Cool Tips: Has cool tips to protect your scalp and fingers from burning. Allow you to hold tip of brush to ease styling.
    • Dual Voltage: Suitable for travelling.


    • Voltage/Hz110: 240V /50-60Hz
    • Wattage: 35w
    • Plate: Ceramic Heating Element MCH
    • Temperature: Max 180°C

    Wrap your hair around the barrel and style as you wish.

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