Skincare innovations have offered endless ways to cleanse the face and rid it of excess dirt. The last few years have brought about the popularity of face wipes, cleansing oils, micellar water, and of course good ol’ soapy facial washes. But lately, cleansing balms have been added to skincare routines and have proven to be effective at fully cleansing the face—without the harsh drying effects other cleansers often leave behind.

But what exactly is a cleansing balm? Cleansing balms are usually a solid form of oil that has a wax or sherbet-like texture that melts into a silky liquid form when massaged into the skin. Makeup (even waterproof!), dirt, grime and other impurities are dissolved by this oil-like substance and is then easily washed away when rinsed off. Plus points for its simple and waste-free application and removal—there’s no need to use cotton pads or wipes! And it can even be used as a spot corrector for makeup mess-ups.

Although other facial washes and makeup removers might clean the face just as effectively, cleansing balms are decidedly more nourishing and leave the skin feeling moisturized and supple, as opposed to dry and taught. Ingredients like marula oil, bamboo extract, and even coconut oil are often infused into its formulations to ensure that velvety-skin finish.

It is for this very reason many have turned to cleansing balms as the first step in a double-cleansing method, making sure the skin is as impurity-free yet nourished and ready to take in all the other steps in the skincare routine.

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